Video transcription

Hey, it's Rokosz your digital lifestyle expert here and I'm going to show you how to hook two VCR's together into your television and we're going to hook these together in series so that way you can record from one VCR to the other. You can also use this work flow if you don't have enough input into your TV.You can do it with DVD's and VCR's and other peripherals and you can select between them. O'kay we've got an older VHC/VCR up here. It's got a monaural out so what we're going to do is we are going to use the red here for our video out. You can use many different cables. We're just using cheapies that come with the unit and the white for the monaural audio. Then we're going to find our line in. You know you have a VCR that can accept that when it has a line in here and this one here is a VCR/DVD combo but that will allow us to record this VCR tape either to another VHS tape or to a DVD, whatever we choose. That's nice. Now I'm going to take this over here and find our line in and remember red we decided was video and you can use whatever color comes with it, usually yellow to yellow and again we're going to match the white up. Now the lines out of there is going directly to the line in. What's recorded here, what's playing here rather is now available to be recorded here but we can't see it, how do we know it's recording? Well we're going to go ahead and hook it up on to the TV. Now we're going to hook, we're going to use a three prong cable here because we have video and stereo audio to our television. We're going to use traditionally yellow for video and then we're going to use white for our left channel and red for our right channel. Using this cable we are able to color match it. Now we move on to the monitor. As we look up here we have got a couple of choices, AV2 and AV1. Now both of them have the component input of the RGB or the PRPVY inputs over here but we're not using that on this one because we are using the three prong so AV1 is really our only choice here which is fine, it's exactly what we need so we're going to just reverse the process, color matching things in here, video up then there is a red for right channel and a white for left channel and now we're completely hooked up. We have got a VCR feeding into a VCR and DVD recorder and that is feeding into our monitor so we can watch either one of them, record one for the other and just have a good old time. Hope that was informative and helpful. I'm Rokosz your digital lifestyle expert saying stream you later.