Video transcription

How to paint over textured walls. These walls I had already pre-textured with a textured roller and then after it set up for a while and I knocked it down with a trowel, a joint knife, and created all these wonderful textures that you really can't see right now because it's primed. But I would like to show you how to paint that. The first thing, because I've already done it, is a heavy nap roller. So that means it's very heavy. You're going to take your roller, probably cut in with a brush in all the trim places that I've taped off, the ceiling and the trim, and simply apply it really pushing it in and forcing the primer into all of the texture that is there. If you have a surface that's even more textured than this, for instance a stucco finish; which has a lot of texture; you want to use even a heavier, if you can find one, even a heavier nap roller than this so that it can get into all of those nooks and crannies without taking a huge amount of effort. And usually have a brush to brush in as well.