Video transcription

I'm Alexander Mauskop, director of the New York Headache Center. Optical migraine symptoms, people mean different things by this term. Optical migraine, some people will consider a migraine with aura, that is visual disturbance that occurs before a migraine, people will say, I have optical migraines. What do you mean by that? Well my vision goes first for thirty minutes, I can't see anything on one side then I get a headache. So some people with call that optical migraine. Other people will say my pain is in the eye so it's an optical migraine because it hurts just in the eye. Neither one is an official term that we use when we classify migraine headaches, or headaches in general. We usually use terms, migraine with aura when you have visual disturbance preceding a headache. Or we call it a regular migraine if the pain is just in the eye. It's very common to have migraine headaches cause pain just in the eye. Cluster headaches do that as well. Pain is localized through the eye and no where in the body.