Video transcription

Hi, my name is Dr. Ana Lamas, and I'm in the practice of allergy and clinical immunology with two offices here in Miami, Florida. The way to get rid of mucus, of course, has to do with where that mucus is located and the causes of the mucus. When we think about mucus in the nose, that is usually due to an allergy. Of course, it can be due to an infection, but the person is usually quite aware of that infection, meaning they know they have a cold -- a typical upper respiratory infection. When it's due to an allergy -- when the mucus is due to an allergy -- you need medications. Usually, the types of medications that will cause the nasal membranes to stop making the mucus, those medications tend to be prescriptions. They are nasal corticosteroids. If you also have mucus in the airway, then you have to consider a respiratory infection like a bronchitis or you may have an allergy manifesting as an asthmatic bronchitis phenomenon. In this case, you would need a bronchodilator and most likely an inhaled corticosteroid, both prescriptions from your doctor.