Video transcription

I'm William Perkinson and I'm here to tell you how to restring a weedeater. Now this one is electric so the first thing we want to do is unplug it so that we don't have an accident. Alright we've got the head, we'll just stick our fingers in and release the lock ring here, pull out the spool. This is a typical homeowner's version. It is not commercial. Some of the commercial ones you'll have to use a wrench on but this one is fairly easy and it helps you along. Alright on this model the spool tells us what size trimmer line to use and which way to wind it on the spool. It is very convenient, has a notch here that we stick our trimmer line in and then the arrow tells us to wind it this way. We don't want to wind it too loosely or too tightly. If we get it too tight it won't come out when we tape it against the ground. Too loose and it may come all out at once. Alright here we are and we're going to put it, take it back and put it in properly and it will have a groove and you want your line to come out through the notch, there we are and we'll get our cap to lock it in place. Now don't worry about having too much line because the blade will be, the cover will come with a blade and we'll cut it to the exact length but we're pretty close there. Let's plug it back in and test it out to see how we do. Works just fine. I'm William Perkinson and that's how to restring a weed eater.