Video transcription

Painting diamonds on the wall is an advances sort of technique. The layout is very critical, the size of your diamond is critical. Where it stops in relationship to the ceiling and the floor is critical. You don't want to have a one inch tip somewhere so finding the size of your diamond to fit the space accurately would be the first thing to determine. It's nineteen inches in the middle and it's about twenty eight point to point. So the marks across your room would be nineteen, nineteen, nineteen, nineteen and then down the middle of the wall at twenty eight inches repeated to fit that particular area. Draw them very minimally. If you have any marks where you were making level lines or whatever they can be erased. Or wiped out with a little Windex on a rag. Once you paint over the lines they do not erase very well. And then what we would be doing in this case is there would be a ground color. Right now it's sort of a linen white and then determining whether you want the diamond to be the new color or the surround. I'm going for the diamond to be a pearly finish. So what I'll do is take my safety release tape and you will, I'm going to tape directly on the lines so the line will be covered with the glaze. And then you're taping to expose this particular diamond that you want to paint. There will be a lot of cutting involved. This one is not so bad because it's just this one diamond and these areas I don't have to cut out the points that would be the next diamond. And slightly burnish towards the inside so this area is going to be glazed. I'm just going to have a little water around and it's very transparent that's why if there were marks on your, the diamonds you were going to paint or anything that you, as unsightly they need to be removed prior to this application of the glaze. I'm calling it a glaze because I'm adding water to it which makes it more translucent although it already is translucent. I'm just doing a dragging, drag streak down just to add a little more interest rather then just rolling it on. It will look like wallpaper. This would be every other diamond would be a glazed one. There will be some that are not glazed and then some that are and just simply stroke it out nicely. Get it all nice and even and then this little tip down here would indicate the next one on the wall. This would be very pretty on a very chocolate colored wall and then the diamonds in the gold over it would be very beautiful. And then it's a matter of removing the tape and you'll have your diamond, Harlequin pattern also known as. And that I can now see that I have just a little bit and once I can hold that up you'll be able to see the iridescent gold quality to it.