Video transcription

Men normally don't get yeast infections from sexual activity. About 13% men who have sex with women who have vaginal yeast infections can have this symptoms. This symptoms include red, itchy rashes of the glands of the penis or the head and the shaft. They can have burning with urination as well but if they have this symptom, they need to go to their doctor and have a urinary tract infection ruled out by cultures. The men who are uncircumcised are most prone to get infections either through poor hygiene or exposure to women with yeast infections. During sex, the foreskin peels back and exposes the glands inside the vagina. If the male partner has poor hygiene and has yeast growing under his foreskin then he's exposing his female partner to that in possible infection. If she has it and he doesn't perform good hygiene after the sex act then he maintains yeast from her vaginal area under the foreskin that can then proliferate and cause him the irritation and rash, and resulting in symptoms for him.