Video transcription

Good afternoon my name is Tom Brintzenhofe, Certified Master Mechanic out of Reading, PA and today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about how to pass the CDL test. Now a CDL test is pretty indepth as to what you need to know even before you hit the road. When I was taking mine I spent several days in a classroom learning the laws and regulations and the different procedures for driving a truck on the road. I do suggest that if you are thinking about doing this as a profession or if you just want to get your CDL look up a local commercial driving school a CDL school in your area. Allstate pretty much nationwide. I believe they might even be in your area if you look in the yellow book or even on the Internet would be able to tell you. But I do really recommend going to a class and learning all the regulations because from state to state the laws do change. As for the driving requirements and the different laws there is a lot of things that you'll need to know when driving a tractor trailer, distance from railroad tracks. It is basically similar to passing a car exam with the exception of your stopping distances, your pay loads, your pretrip inspection which is a big one. They are real big with that on your test so if you are just studying on your own if you grab the book at your local DMV and you are studying the book alone make sure you know the distances from the railroad tracks, make sure you know the distances from the intersections when you stop. The second thing I would recommend when you are going for your exam, make sure you have plenty of road time. Driving a tractor trailer is very difficult because you are constantly watching vehicles around you. It is a very dangerous occupation and you could really seriously hurt somebody by just being careless and not paying attention but I do highly recommend a school, they will spend a lot of time with you off the road in a tractor trailer in a controlled environment so you can get the hang of it beforehand but I would definitely go that road if you can. If not study your book in depth. It will take you some time. You must know all the laws all the regulations, the distances and weight limits and all that good stuff so make sure you study up and once you pass your exam look for a school that will take you out. If you can't, if you can find somebody that has a CDL and a truck you can drive make sure you spend a lot of time on the road before you take your exam because they do test you pretty hard. Other than that that sums it up pretty easily but it just takes a lot of practice, dedication and determination to obtain your CDL but good luck and that's about all I can say with how to get your CDL.