Video transcription

Hi friends, I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida. Getting rid of ants without chemicals is fairly easy depending on where they are. If they're in the structure, you have one set of problems. If they're outside a structure, well there's another solution that we can use to help you get rid of them. Inside a structure, sealing up all the cracks and crevices that the ants are using to gain entryway into the home, by the use of caulks, silicone caulk or regular caulking around your windows, your doors. Even weather stripping can help to eliminate ants from these areas. If they're outside (maybe you have an ant mound or maybe you're seeing ants foraging around the outside of the home) and you don't want to use any chemicals, well theres some products like boric acid or diatomaceous earth. Both of these products, if applied--you can purchase these at a grocery store, they come in little pellets or a little powder--you sprinkle those around the outside of the home. It's not really a chemical. These are very safe to use products that you can have in and around the home. But if you put those around the outside of the home, what happens is the ant will crawl through it and pick up these fine particles and it actually breaks their cuticle. As they walk it actually rubs and breaks the cuticle and the ant will die. It's a dessicate product. So, very easy way to get rid of the different types of ants. Another thing, lets say you have an ant mound or something that's maybe in a area of the lawn or area of the driveway where you don't want them, well boiling hot water poured on that area will be fine. Don't do that in the flower beds or you may roast some of your plants as well. But depending on where the ants are, that may be a good option for you. I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida helping you have a pest free day.