Video transcription

Hi. I'm Kim with Simply Beautiful in Austin, Texas. Lets talk about how to apply makeup correctly. Makeup is done in steps, or in stages, we generally prepare the skin for the makeup, do concealer around the eyes, foundation, powder, then we move to the eye area, cheeks and lips, so I'm going to demonstrate that for you real quickly. We're going to start with concealer, just use it on your ring finger and tap it around the eye area, move onto your foundation and I'm going to use it on a Q-tip with a makeup sponge because that's the simplest way to do it. I love foundation brushes. We're just going to dab it on the skin, make sure the foundation matches really well and then we're going to use our makeup sponge to blend the dots together. Blend really well and don't forget under the jaw line, that should really be blended out, you don't want a line there. Use a big brush and your powder and just sweep it over the face, you're going to set your foundation this way, get rid of any of the shine and your foundation will last much longer. We're going to move onto the eye area. With eyes and eyeshadow, we're going to usually use three different colors of eyeshadow. So, we use a very light, or white, in the brow area and then move onto a medium shade on the lid and then use a deeper shade in the crease, blending really well, we're going to do that. Then you're going to use a eyeliner, I like the pencil liners because they're very quick and easy to use. So, using small strokes right along the lash line, we're going to just dab it on. You want to get it as close to the lash line as possible without making it look harsh and underneath the eye, we're going to do the same technique, as close to the lash line as possible, in short strokes. The next step after your eyeliner will be mascara, you just want to get a lengthening or a thickening mascara and hit the top of your lashes from the top down and then bring it up and lengthen them without clumping them. Hit the bottoms lashes, just in the center, just a little bit will open your eyes right up. Blush, on a good blush brush, starting in the middle of the cheek, this is called the apple, pat it in, and blend it up, and blend it down, and onto the chin. You want to get a nice fresh healthy glow rather than a look that you have blush on. Moving onto the lips, we're going to use a liner, starting in the middle and then moving to the outside, both top and bottom. Now we're going to move onto a lipstick, use a complimentary color of a lipstick, I love a lip brush so I'm going to use a lip brush, and just dab it on. Starting in the middle, moving to the outside, blend it with the lip liner, don't use the lip liner that's too dark for the lipstick, you want it all to blend. Your lipstick will set and not run. That's how you do makeup correctly.