Video transcription

Commercially available, most frogs are going to eat either crickets, and these can be dusted with a vitamin or a mineral powder. They're going to eat meal worms, I'm sorry, wax worms are what these are right here. Which are like a grub. And meal worms. Stick with the small meal worms. You know, the standard size, you don't want to go with the big or the super worms. Those are all going to be too big for most frogs. The other recommendation, too, is when you're feeding meal worms, crush the head of the meal worm as you feed it to the frog, because sometimes they can bite and cause problems like that. And we want to avoid that. So. That is going to be the majority of the diet for your frog. Most of it will probably be crickets, with the occasional wax worm or meal worm. Wax worms are very high in fat, so you want to be kind of stingy with those. But, they are pretty veracious feeders, usually. And are usually pretty readily able to take food sometimes even right from your own hands.