Video transcription

So the next thing we are going to do is a three point turn. It is similar to a U turn in that you are going to end up going in the opposite direction than the direction you are currently going. So if you find yourself on a street that is a little bit narrower so you can't make a U turn then you are going to want to do a three point turn. So to do a three point turn you start by making sure there is no traffic coming behind you. If there is then just pull off to the side and wait for them to pass. Once they have then you are going to get to the right of the road as if you are pulling off and you are going to turn across the road so that you end up driving straight towards the other side of the road. You are then going to put it in reverse, turn your wheel the other way, back up and then you are going to put it in drive and turn your wheel back the other way and now you are going to go the opposite direction. The reason it is called the three point turn is because you start at one point, you drive across the street to the second point, you back up to the third point and you are turned around and that is a three point turn, very useful.