Video transcription

Hi, I'm Natanya Nielsen. I live in Saratoga Springs. Today we're talking about crochet basics. Our section today is on the single crochet. When you are reading a pattern, a single crochet shows up in your pattern as SC, single crochet. To do a single crochet, your are going to take your hook, you're going to go into the hole created, to where you have two threads on top, and one on the bottom. You will pull your hook....loop your hook over your yarn, pull it through those two loops. And you will have two remaining loops on your hook. You will wrap your yarn around, and pull it through both of those loops, so you have one left. Then you will do the same thing. Go back in through your chain, wrap your yarn around, and pull it through the first section. You'll have two. And you pull it through both of those. You repeat this until you get to the last stitch on your chain. At this point, you're going to turn your project. To do this, you're going to just chain one stitch. Flip your yarn around, and you're ready to go back the other way. You will have a hole underneath your previous single crochets. That is where you're going to put your hook back through. You'll go through that hole, pull up a yarn, pull it through that hook...or through that loop. And you'll have two more loops on your hook, and you'll wrap your yarn around and pull it through those two loops again. You repeat the process, all the way over.