Video transcription

Hi, my name is Rebecca. Now I'm going to talk about how to thread a sewing machine. So, first thing you do, I'm going to put my thread on here with the thread side facing out. Put it right on my spindle there. I'm going to, usually, most sewing machines-- all sewing machines are different. Most sewing machines are similar. So you are going to have some sort of loop or hook on the back in order to bring the thread across the sewing machine. Then, I'm going to pass it through this little valley here, and then I hook it down and then back up. Make sure that your needle and your eye are in the top position when loading the thread, and then pass it up through the eye, back down. I clip it in the long side, the needle. And then I'm going to pass it through the eye. The next thing I'm going to do is put my bobbin in. So I'm going to open the bobbin casing. Most sewing machines, you're going to want to have the bobbin facing, so that it makes a number six to load it. This sewing machine however is not one of those, so I'm actually going to turn it around and make sure that my thread is stays facing in the direction I know it should. And I'm going to slide it into the bobbin casing, and then I'm going to slide it into the side there and hook it into the position it needs to be in. Slide it back in, and them I'm going to pass-- hold onto the thread from the top. And I'm going to hand roll my needle down one stitch and pull on it a little bit and slide my bobbin thread out. Now the position after loading the sewing machine, both, you want to pull these out a little bit, so there's a little bit of an extra tail on there. And then you're going to want to have them to the back so that they don't get tangled up.