Video transcription

Hello, I'm Richard Goms. We're here in Salt Lake City. We're talking about hard drive basics. I'm going to show you now how to clean up your disk drive. There are many different types of programs available on the Internet or in the stores that will physically clean up your drive. First of all, you you've got to remember the difference between deleting a file and erasing a file. Deleting a file actually just removes the entry from the directory. The physical contents of the file is still out on your hard drive. If you want to erase the file that requires a a little different program, a different level of security where you, it it physically goes out and erases the contents of the file so that it can not be recovered. There's one that comes with your computer. It's it's a windows based program. It's called Windows Clean Up. And we can go into the Start menu, go into the Control Panel, go into the Performance and Maintenance option. And then, we can go into Free up space on your hard disk. Now, you can select the drive you want to clean up; in this case let's select the C, and it will go through and it will calculate how much space will be available once it frees up your, cleans up your drive. I'm going to show you now online where you can go on the Internet to find a free program that will permanently erase those files. Okay, let's go to the Internet Explorer, and then let's select Google, and type in free hard drive erase program. And here is a selection here of free wipe downloads. Let's take a look at that one. Here's some free programs. Here is a free Wipe Wizard 2.2. There's Ace Erase File Shredder. Here's a system cleaner for Mac. So, here's a hard drive shredder, so there's several that you could download and could run that would physically delete the contents of those personal files from your hard drive. When you delete a file it just removes the entry from the directory. The wipe or erase or shred program actually writes garbage out to the file that is on the hard drive, and so that so that it is not readable, it's not recoverable.