Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rokosz, Your Digital Lifestyle Expert. And I'm going to show you or give you some ideas. how to recycle or you know, give a new life to your VHS. If you're like most of us, you're finally finished off the upgrade. And completely upgraded away from VHS. I have to and I'm in the process of moving it from one media to a more permanent digital media. Because VHS will degrade over time. If it's not kept, even with being kept in climate control and what not. Things will adhere, the tape will get weak. And you will lose quality over time, for just sitting. So for archival purposes. I go ahead and, go ahead and move it over to a digital. Burn it to DVD or move it to a full digital format. Now I've got this large and I mean large collection of VHS. So I was really waiting to see where DVD was going back in the day. And I have many years collecting VHS tapes. Here are some creative ways. If they're actually purchased movies, try to donate them. There are definitely some areas that are still using VHS. Would find VHS to be a great quality type of thing. A lot of old people, believe it or not, have not moved over to DVD. And they can enjoy the same VHS quality anywhere. So try to sell them, sell them on eBay. Sell them in a yard sale. You can donate them. Donate them to Salvation Army, to your local thrift stores. You can give them away. Make sure they're going to a good home. After your personal stuff though, you may want to degauss them. Which is to use a degaussing machine. It's basically a, basically a large magnet. It can be purchased at Radio Shack or other electronic stores. It will erase the information on the tape. And the tape stock can be reused again. If you tape it over and you're still using VHS. You can re-record on the tapes. And lot of the major big box electronic stores have pretty strong recycling programs. If you bring to them, they'll make sure they get there. Or you can contact your local recycler. I believe, these might be even a schedule two type of recyclable plastic. And they'll be happy to take them and turn them into milk jugs or other different plastic things. So when it come to getting rid of them sure guys send them off to the landfill. Do something good with them. give it away to somebody, who'll appreciate it. Or just recycle them into new things. I recycle myself, I'm Rokosz, Your Digital Lifestyle Expert. Saying, we'll see you next time.