Video transcription

Hello again this is Oscar Moreno with Moreno Custom Home Visions and today we are going to be teaching you guys how to install an electrical outlet. The supplies that you are going to need are going to be an outlet that looks just like this, second of all you're going to need our handy electrical pliers, also you are going to need a voltage tester just to test if there is current there, you've always got to make sure and then you are going to need your Philips flathead screwdriver. Basically what you need to do is you need to identify first on your outlet where your hot and your neutral goes and you can easily determine that by looking at the color of the screw. Bronze is always hot and aluminum or a little light color like that always means neutral. So what you want to do is install your hot wire into your bronze and your white wire into your neutral. After doing that you use the two screws that are holding the outlet in place and screw them into your box carefully, then install your cover and you have your brand new outlet.