Video transcription

Hello. My name is Oscar Moreno with Moreno Custom Home Visions and this is how to replace your doorbell. Basic tool is all you're going to need is a screwdriver. Basically all we're going to be doing, using that screwdriver, to remove two screws that hold the actual doorbell in place. When we remove those two screws, we're going to expose the wiring that's inside and its basically consists of only two wires and these wires are low voltage. You have no worries about touching them. They will not shock you. Now, when you have the doorbell out and about, out in front of you, you're going to use your screwdriver, unloosen the two screws there in the back of the doorbell to take out the wires on them. Then, get your new doorbell, simply reattach the wires to the new doorbell. Tighten them back up, grab your doorbell, put them back on the wall, and use the two main screws that are holding it in place and screw it into your wall. And that's how you replace your doorbell.