Video transcription

Hi I'm Jessica Smith and I work for Blands Nursery in West Jordan, Utah and today we're talking all about trees and shrubs. Right now we are going to discuss lemon trees. Now lemon trees need, they are a tropical tree and they are a tree. There are some varieties that grow in a shrub form. They are the most common plant used as an indoor plant also. Now the lemon tree itself if you are lucky enough to live in that mild enough area to plant it outdoors, just plant it like you would everything else, nice organic matter, maybe a little acidic so peat moss would be a good one to use and then make sure you watch your watering, deep applications of watering but let them dry out in between waterings. Now if you do live in a colder climate you are going to treat it just like you would a house plant. Make sure that the pot is big enough. It can live quite a few years in the pot but it is not going to last there for an eternity. You want to make sure that there are drainage holes at the bottom, nice potting soil to begin with, watering, just water it and let it dry out a few inches before you water it again and then a good balanced citrus fertilizer through the active season and maybe a lower release when it is inactive.