Video transcription

Hi I'm Ann Myrick and today I'm going to show you how to clean a laminate floor. There are many products out there that you can get along with household items. I am going to use vinegar and water today but you can also pick a product out that you enjoy the smell, that has a great clean smell and use that. In my opinion the smell is very important. So I'm going to put a little bit of vinegar in my bucket of water and first you want to sweep and get all the particles off your laminate floor, use a sponge and squeeze it out very well and then you are going to go back and forth over the whole floor. If you come to a mark that is a little harder you just put a little bit more pressure or you could get a little bit of a scrub sponge if there is a hard place to get up. Depending on with the vinegar and water mixture you do not have to go back and rinse it but with some commercial products you will need to go back and rinse it. This is Ann Myrick and that is how you clean a laminate floor.