Video transcription

How to be a nun for Halloween. Well you'll first want to find some kind of kind of long black gown. Or you could do it with a two-piece, a long-sleeve black shirt and a skirt, something fitted at the waist. Just give yourself that overall black gown look. You'll then also want to find some kind of rope belt and tie that around your waist, adding a little details is always nice with the knots and whatnot. And then of course you'll want to add some other details, like the cross is always an excellent choice. These can be easily created out of cardboard and just simply wrapping it in some black tape giving you a great great cross look for no cost at all or you could find yourself a neat wooden one or something like that. You can also make yourself some great collars to go around the neck. Those can be easily created simply by taking the measurement of how large you need your collar to be from your neck to where it is that you want it, taking that measurement and simply laying it out on a piece of paper or finding something round that's about the same size that you want, laying out a pattern and simply putting it on the fabric, cutting it out, giving your area for a neck, slicing it in the back and easy to install. Easy easy collars. You can buy fabric no sew glue which makes the ends so they don't fray. or you could double it up if you're a little bit of a seamstress and make it a nice clean edge. Either way you'll have an excellent nuns collar out of that. Your next most important thing, is a nun's habit. You'll want to use a rectangle piece of fabric simply taking measurements off the top of your head to the end of where you want your habit. You'll take that measurement, fold it in half. That full length will give you the length of your rectangle. You'll want to find the center of your rectangle. That is where you're going to take your seam binding tape, easy to purchase from the fabric store, or you can make up yourself with and iron and a piece of ribbon. Simply folding in and pressing the seam binding down, you then insert your rectangle area for your forehead into it, gluing it, sewing it, whatever your prefer, which will then give you an excellent white band to wrap around the head. You can either safety pin, snap, Velcro, tie, however you want it to finish up in the back of the head. That will be a great fastening for you. And that will give you a great nun's habit. You'll then want to finish off with some simple shoes. We're just wearing some simple, brown, leather-like boots here. You can simply wear boots, soft black shoes, anything of that nature in the plain kind of natural fabric family. You can of course always make your nun a sexy nun just by simply changing the dress into shorter black waisted dress giving it a little bit of naughty nun with perhaps some pumps at the bottom, giving you a great nun for Halloween.