Video transcription

How to make a fairy costume. Well for the most part we always think of girls being fairies but there's a lot of boy fairies out there isn't there? Like for instance peter pan and the whole lost world. Those are all fairies for the most part and boys for that definitely. So Tristen has been so nice to help us show what a boy fairy can look like. But you can use the same tricks and of course transfer it over to a girl fairy. You'll want to of course find some kind of fun vest or top something of that nature, ribbons, leafs, twigs, whatever you'd like. Get some bit of nature out there, some little bit of findings anything that's you know pieces left over from one of your little themes. Anything that a fairy would have stolen and perhaps added to their costume would be a great thing to stitch or sew to a, or even glue to a vest or to a dress or anything of that nature. Shredded up pants, things like those are great to do to the pants of the fairies. Or even you know a cute little pair of bloomers to go with the fairy dress. Those are all easy to do with just a pair of p-jama pants that are torn up and ready to be tossed, shred those up, add some glitter to them. All of those are great easy tricks to do. But what's most important besides just the costume, which can be a little bit of everything, or a little bit of nothing, fairies come in lots of different shapes and sizes, colors, whatnots. Course a little bit of decoration, glitter, hair accessory, all that good stuff is all good for a fairy. Most importantly, a fairies wing is really what makes a fairy a fairy. And of course you want more of a smooth fairy wing. Typically feathers are dedicated to the angel feather wing, but I've seen fairies do feathers on their wings as well. But we're going to pretty much show you the wire pantyhose trick today. There is many ways to make wings. You can wings out of cardboard. You can make them out of netting. You can make them out of many different things, simply by just making them in the shape that you want. Attaching them in the middle with perhaps a piece of fabric, twine, wire, however you attach the pieces in the middle and add your elastic to them, can make great fairy wings. These however are a very fun and realistic, and you can do many different looks. These are easy to find, coat hangers out of your own closet, the dry-cleaner, whatnot. And you just simply wire them up. You can do four. You can do two. However you fairy wing design is. Simply buy yourself a pair of pantyhose, cut them off at the crotch area there and just simply slide them right over your shape. They stretch out wonderfully. Once you've got it over, pull it nice and taught down at the bottom into a nice little knot. And you just decorated a wing. You can spray paint.