Video transcription

Okay, great. Looking for a new career? Not sure what direction you should go into? My name is Sylvia Russell and this is how you can get a cosmetologist license. Now you ask yourself what is a cosmetologist license? Well it's the license to practice beauty, hair cutting, skin care, make-up, all of the above, anything that has to do with beauty. A cosmetologist license is one that will take you anywhere that you want to go in this world of work today. Now remember, there's a few things you must do. Ponder the idea of becoming a stylist. If it's something you thing you'd be interested in, then go for it. Check into schools in your local area, ask friends and family, maybe even visit a salon, maybe even get a part time job working as a receptionist in a salon so that you can see if cosmetology is right for you. I found out that it's right for me. I'm on the set of a movie and I get to work with wonderful people all the time. Once you've finished cosmetology school, you must take a state exam. Once you've passed your state exam, you are a licensed cosmetologist. My name is Sylvia Russell and this is how you can get a license, cosmetologist license.