Video transcription

My name is Staff Sergeant Hawkins. I'm a local army recruiter headquartered out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Today we are going to talk about the U.S. army pay scale. The U.S. army pay scale is actually broken down into three sections. We have enlisted soldiers. We have warrant officers and we have officers. The pay scales are broken down across the board according to what you might work in as an officer or warrant officer or enlisted. And it's broken down by how many years you've been in service. Starting with less then two years, you get paid a certain amount. Every two years, depending on your E grade. You are, you get a raise based on that even if you don't change actual ranks, you still get a raise every two years. Across the board it's the same for the enlisted guys, the warrant officer guys and the officers. Every two years you will receive a raise. Also we do receive a raise from Congress every year that the President recommends for us and is approved. And it's usually effective on January first of the current year. If you have any questions about the U.S. army pay scale please give me a call at 801- 487- 8686.