Video transcription

Maybe you're running an older or even ancient version of Yahoo Messenger. We're going to show you some ways to check what version you've got, and update the program on your computer. We've already got Yahoo Messenger open, and we're going to sign in. Updating is a much easier process than it used to be. You used to have to go to obscure web pages, and locate and guess at what the latest update file is, and and it's just much easier. It's just; it's literally built into a lot of programs these day... Updates or check for updates button; that's what we're looking for here under help. And there it is; we found it. Check for updates. And bingo, it's already telling us we're on the current, most current version. But if you just want to check; if for some reason you have a older version of Yahoo Messenger you can go directly to Yahoo and and download it manually. And so we're there. We check the Messenger button, and we just hit Download Now, click that, click Download Now again, and it will begin downloading the program. And you would just install it as you would the regular Yahoo Messenger client. It'll write right over the old version, or if you have the current version it'll let you know and it'll stop right there.