Video transcription

And now I'm going to show you how to make a pretty Polly who can sit on your finger or sit on your shoulder. In this clip, you're going to need some card; yellow or red would be good, a pen, scissors, a clothes peg, some bits of black and white cards, a stapler, and glue. I've got some yellow card from the back of a box, and I'm going to turn it over and draw my parrot shape on here, because I'm making a parrot that's going to sit on my shoulder. Now, this is the shape I want you to try and draw. Round right to the very top, that's the head. There goes the body, and then the tail fans out at the bottom like that. We can add a bit more extra onto the tail at the end. So, we'll cut out the shape before we decorate it; cutting along the lines fairly closely. It doesn't matter if you're not exactly right. Now I'm turning it over because that's the colorful side of the parrot, and looking at the tail I'm going to do a clip and another clip, so two of those go forward and one of them goes back. Those are the bits that are going to help it to sit on your shoulder when you're finished. Pretty Polly hasn't got a face, have you? Okay, we've got a little way to go, so put it back down on the table, and get your glue ready. A squeeze and a squeeze for the eyes, and first of all, put on the, a little white circle you can cut out for one eye, and a little white circle for the other eye. And then you need to put some more glue in the center of those, and we'll put the black centers to the eyes. That'll make him look like a pretty Polly, I hope. There's another black center and there's a black center, so now he's got lovely big eyes. A little bit more glue in between the eyes will be his beak. I've already cut out a little red triangle. Fold it in half and then those bits'll flap back. I think if you experiment with that you'll find you can stick it on flat and his beak sticks out. Ho, ho, he's starting to look like a parrot. Now, parrots often have a little fan of feathers on the top of the head so I'm cutting out some strips of red quite fine and bunching those together. If you know how to curve cardboard by running it against your scissors you pinch the cardboard between your finger and your scissor, run it through and it curls it quite nicely and it starts to look like feathers, and spread those out at the top. And I think staplers'll be, a stapler will be safer than glue here, so hold it against the head where you want it and staple him through the top. We can make a tail extension from this little bit we have left over from the cardboard box. Just put it a little bit longer and that'll fix onto the back of his tail and staple on, and then you can decorate the front of him however you want. And you may need some help with an assistant to make sure it fits onto your shoulder correctly. Tail down the back and a clothes peg to fasten it to your clothes and he'll sit up nicely, and you can go hello pretty Polly. Who's a cheeky boy?