Video transcription

Another popular combination of tricks, is the Front Drop to a Front Drop With a Half Turn. This would of course, be called a Turn Table, so I do a front drop, tuck, turn, front drop, tuck, turn, front drop, and again as before, the test for all of these tricks is, can you bounce the trick a number of times, and always get back to your feet? Do you gain bounce? Do you lose bounce? or do you stay equal? Gaining bounces or staying equal, is good. Losing bounce means there's something wrong, so a nice, easy tuck, front drop, tuck, turn, front drop, so a tuck, front, turn and tuck. That's called the Turn Tables. I'm pushing like this, to make it around. Here it is. Tuck, front, turn, tuck, front. Now, it's possible to do all of these things in a Pike or a Lay Out. A Pike would be this way, and a Lay Out would be this way, so let me see if I can bounce enough to get a Lay Out Position. A Pike is more difficult than a tuck, and a Lay Out is more difficult than a Pike. Ok, it was a Pike Lay Out.