Video transcription

My name is Walt Case I own Card Traders of Austin in Austin Texas. While we predominantly feature sports cards in our store, we also have gaming cards. Pokemon being one of them. People frequently ask how much are my Pokemon cards worth. Well I can tell you about five or six years ago they were worth a lot. Because the demand for Pokemon was at it's peak, kids everywhere were buying Pokemon cards. And we could not keep Pokemon cards in our store. Unfortunately as with any kind of collectible card game, it rises very quickly and also falls very quickly. Right now the Pokemon market it is pretty weak so to be able to sell Pokemon cards, is very, very difficult right now. Because again, the supply exceeds the demand. Beckett publications does publish a price guide that gives you a suggested value for your Pokemon cards. The big problem again is the saleability of the card. And there are not as many kids playing and it's designed for an age range of kids probably from six or seven up to about eleven or twelve. So once kids go through that phase they move on to something else. And that decreases the demand for the cards which obviously decreases the value or saleability of the card. Pokemon cards were designed for kids to have fun with. And if your child is having fun with these Pokemon cards that's the most important factor. Not necessarily how much they are worth.