Video transcription

Hi my name is Windy St. George and this is how to play Dominoes. Most people play with a set of double six Dominoes. Double six Dominoes go up to six/six. They start at blank/blank and go up one/one, two/two, one/two, one/three, one/four all the way up to six/six. They also have double nine's, double twelve's. There is double eighteen's and double twenty two's but those are rare. The larger numbers are harder to keep count of but they are better for a large number of people playing. This is how to play a simple children's game of Dominoes. Everyone draws bones or bones or tiles until they have the Dominoes divided and then one Domino is set up in the middle and then each person looks at their Dominoes and then they play it so that it matches. The number just match and you keep going until the first person runs out of Dominoes and the first person out wins. Eventually you will have a turn where you can't match anything showing on the board and then you'll have to pass. Then that gives the other person the opportunity to go out. If you have a double you can set it in between but singles are always set on the ends or on the side or on the edge and that is how you play a simple children's games of Dominoes.