Video transcription

Hi. My name is Charles and I'm here to show you how to play checkers. This is a pretty easy game to learn how to play. All you need is some checkers pieces and a checkers board. A checkers board and a chest board are the same. What you need in order to play are two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve checkers. There's a light color and a dark color usually. Now the way that you can set them up is make sure that on your side the single checker is on the right. If you do that, then you're going to have it set up correctly and the other player going to see the single checker there. Now once it's together, each checker can move forward. They have to stay on the same color that they started on. So for example, I can start by moving this checker to here. I can also move this checker to this space if i wanted to. I can not move the checker here or here or there. No, only one space forward. The other player is going to try and respond. So common response it going to be to go like this. Now I can continue on like so and they can continue on like so. And then let's say that I go over here. Now here's where we have a situation were we can do what's called a jump or a capture. The white player on this side can take and just jump over the other person's checker. In some, most of the time when you play the game you're actually forced to jump over the other player's checker. This one has been removed. And generally speaking, then it becomes the other persons turn. Now they way that I've set this up, I can also jump like that. Okay, so now, the white player is kind of stuck here and they know that they are going to get jumped. So the thing that they're going to do is go ahead and try to just keep moving forward. And what eventually will happen is; oops double jump. Somebody is losing. What will eventually happen is the back rank will get opened up. I'll just speed this up a little bit. When that happens and the black player or the white player for example, gets a checker in the back rank, they get what's called a king. A king has the advantage of being able to move any one of the four directions and has a lot of; the person who usually gets the most kings ends up winning the game. The game is won when the one player or the other runs out of checkers or alternately runs out of a place to hide. For example, if I'm down to this situation here and the white player moves to here, has to move and let, they'll be a king. The white player moves to here. The black player has protection. And let's say that they even have a piece. Then the black player is forced to move. Would move like that. The white player would then move like this. The black player would move like that. The white player would move like this. The black player would move like, probably, like that. The white player then is stuck because if they go to hear, the black player will move here. But if they move to here, they're going to get jumped. The general rule is if you move the same, to the same place three times, the game is over. So the game's over. And that's how you play checkers.