Video transcription

Hi, my name is Windy St. George, and this is how to play card games. Most American card games are based on a deck of fifty two cards. They have four suits, which is, diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades, and two colors, black, which is spades and clubs, and red, which is hearts and diamonds. There's also a joker in a fifty two card deck, there's two jokers, but they're often not used in play. When you buy a deck of cards, they have bridge, and they have standard or poker. The only difference is the width of the card, for bridge players, they have to hold a lot of cards in their hand during play, so the cards are made more narrow to fit in your hand better. But both of these decks, the same type of cards inside, and both will work equally well for playing games. There's a third kind of deck called a pea knuckle deck. It only has higher numbered cards. From nine up into the face cards. So, you don't want to buy a pea knuckle deck unless you intend to play the specialty game pea knuckle. OK, for many card games, you will have to be in partnerships and you're going to play tricks. A trick is when everyone has cards in their hand, and the first person starts the trick and everyone else has to follow suit, which means they have to play a card, they have to play a card that is in that suit if it's possible. The person who plays the highest card at the end of everyone playing cards, wins the trick. So, this ten would probably win a two, and a nine. So, whoever played the ten would win the trick and it would go into their point pile. Some games there are certain cards you don't want to get their poison, such as in Hearts, you don't want the queen of hearts, and spades, they're certain cards that you don't want to get and so it's to your advantage to lose the trick and you want to be careful of your higher point cards and not waste them. And play your lower cards when you know you're going to lose the trick anyway. So that you can get rid of them. And that's how you play card games.