Video transcription

Hi I'm Kim with Simply Beautiful in Austin, Texas. We are going to do makeup in ten easy steps. This is Sara. We have already created the blank slate. These are the first three steps. We are going to go with the concealer from here to here and over on the brow and on the lid. That is going to keep your eye shadow on longer. Foundation all over and powder to set the foundation. Powder not only sets the foundation and keeps it in place but it makes it look more skin like and just makes it look more natural, especially in the summer time. We want to make sure that it helps reduce the shine. The fourth step is going to be just choosing a base eye shadow coloring. Since we are just going to do these in ten easy steps we are going to do two eye shadow colors. I am going to choose a gold to bring out the gold in Sara's hazel eyes. I am just going to do one side. I am going to dip it in the shadow, pat it up so we don't get it on you or on her, sweep it from the inside of the lash out, from here to here and up, just above the crease in the eye. Take it up and bringing it above this line opens your eyes. I am going to take more of a darker color, more of a bronzie and I'm going to just bring it here, sweep it down, see the V, V formation is really nice. Sara has green eyes and she also looks really really really good in plums. Plums and pinks and brown eyes look great in neutral or earth tones. Light skinned people with blue eyes look great with pinks or peaches. So our next step which is number six is eye liner. I am choosing a dark earth tone pencil liner. It is a very soft pencil liner. It is Vonco mixed le Crayon and you don't pull your eye at all when you're putting it on. So expensive eye liner but fantastic because it goes on so smoothly. Starting in the middle of the eye and using short strokes, almost like making dashes on your paper, just as close to the lash line as you possibly can. Look up for me. Same on the bottom, now I don't want you to bring this all the way in because that will close your eye. If you want a more dramatic look you might try. Let me just blend this a little bit. To add an extra step you might want to just take Q-tip or something and just blend that out just a little bit so it looks softer. Our next step is mascara. I'm using a curved brush because you can get really really close to the lash line with this. So if I could ask you to just look middle distance, up. With a little shape it will keep it from clumping. You want the curves in the brush to just comb through your lashes. I'm using black mascara with Sara because I think black is a really really definitive color but we definitely could have gone with a dark brown. Look up for me. We are keeping it simple. We want just the mascara right here in the middle. Look at her fantastic lashes. Our next step with foundation is the number eight step to our ten steps is blush. Sara has fair skin and she has a lovely peach kind of undertone and we are going to bring out some of the gold that we used in her eye shadow base, the first color that we put on. So I'm going to use a peach with a flat brush because it gives you a lot of control. There are lots of different brushes out and you just have to find the one that works for you. I happen to like the flat top brush. Starting with the apple of the cheek, bring it up, bring it over on to the nose just a little bit, take it down to the cheek and on to the chin. The purpose of blush is just to give you a nice healthy glow, too much is you get that clown look. So just keep it light and fresh. Lipstick and lip liner will be our finishing touches. We are going to use a very neutral lip liner that matches Sara's skin tone really well. It is a pink neutral, it is a pink brown color. For day time lips you want to pick one that matches your skin tone really really well so at night you want to go with one that matches the lipstick that you are wearing but you can wear a more intense color. Remember that if you have dramatic eyes, go with a light lip. If you are going with a dramatic lip try to keep your eyes neutral. I am putting some liner on her lip because that will help to intensify the color as well as keep it in place. I am using just a real sheer lipstick here that will just serve to bring out some more of the peach in her cheeks and in her eyes and give it a little shine. And that is step number ten.