Video transcription

Okay, we're back and moving on to our final stain which is shoe polish. Shoe polish can be very difficult to get off of certain carpet fibers depending on how long it's been into the fiber. So ideally you want to catch it right after you've used the shoe polish and it's on the fiber itself. The first thing you want to do is to use a non acetone nail polish remover or a non flammable multi purpose dry cleaning solution and you want to put it onto a cloth, white cloth because typically these chemicals can remove the dye from the napkin or cloth and transfer it on to the carpet. So you want to just apply firm pressure to help pull the stain out, and then you can also scrub just lightly to keep it on the tips of the carpet fibers. Then you want to mix one eighth teaspoon of mild liquid soap with one cup of water and you want to dip the cloth in and rinse blot the stain. Then you blot to dry it. You want to switch to ammonia. We're going to do one tablespoon of ammonia and two cups of water. Then you want to do the same as with the liquid soap. You want to rinse blot the area and then finally you want to pour hot water on to the stain and then you want to just blot the hot water up. And once you've finished dry blotting the area you can see that the stain has been completely removed. And now you know how to remove shoe polish from carpet fibers.