Video transcription

Okay, and we're back, and right now we're going to be moving on to getting paint out of carpet fibers. So, I have applied some spray paint which you don't want to do indoors without a mask. And before it dries is best because once it dries it's just a little bit harder to break down. So the first thing you want to do is you want to apply a liquid detergent cleaner or dry cleaning solution, all purpose which you could pick up at any home improvement store. And then you want to blot with a dry towel. Starting from the outside of the stain working your way in so it doesn't spread. And you want to blot so that it doesn't rub it into the carpet fibers, you just want to pull the stain out. After that you want to apply a small amount of medium grade liquid soap. And then blot again. You want to blot each time you apply a new substance, so that you can pull the stain out using that substance as power. And then you want to mix - you want to flood the stain with water. And blot. And next you want to add a small amount of ammonia. And then blot again. And then once again with the liquid soap, the sooner you catch the paint the better. And the more water you use the better. Because water is actually what cleans the stain and pulls it out. All together detergents just allow the substance to stick to it. What actually pulls the stain out is the water itself, that's the transport substance. So at this point, the stain should be completely gone and if it still remains or the paint has been on there a while, just use a little bit more of the dry cleaning solution, apply it on the paint and get it back to the state when it was more liquidy and fresh and then continue to repeat the following steps. And you should have the carpet fibers cleaned.