Video transcription

Okay, and we're back and the next stain that we're going to get out of carpet fibers is going to be coffee stains. And whether this is liquid coffee, ground coffee, a mixture of the two, it's very simple to get out of carpet. The first thing you want to do is you want to mix a little bit of soap on to the area and you want to blot it up and then you want to flood the area with water and blot that. You can use a sponge as well but it needs to be absorbent and you need to work your way from outside in to avoid spreading the stain. That should lift the stain right up. If it's a little bit older, what you can do is mix one third cup of white vinegar and two thirds cups of lukewarm water and you can sort of sponge that into the area and that should remove the rest of the stain. Then you just want to blot rinse the area until the stain is completely out. And that's how you get coffee stains out of carpet fibers.