Video transcription

Making curtains or buying curtains, what's your preference? Hi, my name is Daniel King, I'm a designer and I can make curtains, maybe you can too. To make curtains for your windows, first thing you will need is a tape measure, you need to measure the width of the window but, also remember to extend past the width of the window to the desired length that you want because the curtain rod would be the next thing to look at. Curtain rods come in many different types, different widths and they can be adjustable as well. So be sure that you measure the full length of the curtain rod to determine how much fabric you are going to need. The fabric can be purchased at any craft or fabric store or you can even find something around the house, maybe you're trying to match something and you can find that as well. So you get your fabric, you decide what the width is going to be, you're going to of course need scissors and you're going to want to do a line curtain. Line curtains help to block out the sun so you want to have a fabric that's similar to the fabric that you're purchasing but, it can be a heavier, denser fabric that actually will keep the light out. When you're making these curtains you're going to want to cut that fabric the same width and the same size. You're just going to take the hem and hem it up just maybe half an inch to an inch higher than the first or the outside fashion part of the curtain. So again you're going to need fabric, curtain rod, scissors, measuring tape, and also thread, be sure to get the thread to match the curtain. So that's making a line curtain to help keep the sun out and to match your room. My name is Daniel King, thanks!