Video transcription

Have you ever discovered any type of curiosities about implements and tools that can be used in a manicure service? Hi, I'm Jackie O, beauty artist, and today we will be discussing how to use a cuticle pusher. There are two type of cuticle pushers that you can use, a metal or a wood. Cuticle pushers that are metal are good for thick, hard cuticles. A orange wood stick is good for soft cuticles. Either or will be good. In conjunction with your cuticle pushers, you also want to make sure that you're using a cuticle softener and, or in conjunction with an oil. You want to take the cuticle pusher, angle it at maybe a thirty to forty five degree angle, and gently push your cuticles back off of your nail bed. You want to make sure that you're being very gentle, so that you do not rip or tear or damage any of the tissue around the nail bed. The metal pusher is really good for areas that you don't see. This will allow you to take a little bit more off of the nail bed than the orange wood stick. Both of 'em are good for cuticle pusher reasons, and uses. I'm Jackie O, beauty artist. And today we have discovered how we can use the orange wood stick and the metal pusher to use as a cuticle pusher.