Video transcription

Hi I'm Jarrett of Stone Soup Farm and this is how to grow peppers. Peppers are a very diverse group of plants. There's all sorts of peppers in the world. Bell peppers, sweet peppers, chili peppers, pimento peppers and it's really worth giving all of them a shot. They are all very different and have very different flavors. The best way to grow them is to start off with a well prepared seed bed like this. Hopefully a nice and deeply tilled plenty of compost or manure. And clean of any weeds. Peppers are usually need between nine to eighteen inches of space depending on the type. Bell peppers requiring the most, they are the biggest plants. And some of the chili peppers and pimentos are the smallest requiring only maybe nine inches of space. Check the seed packet it should tell you what kind of spacing to put it at. And once you have the prepared bed like this you can take your garden trough and you can poke holes about half an inch to an inch deep at the desired spacing. Take your seed packet, one seed per hole should go in. And then afterwards cover it up with about a half an inch to an inch of soil in each hole. Make sure you water those in thoroughly and keep them well watered throughout the season, especially when they are forming their flowers and the peppers themselves. And to increase yield you should keep it weed free as well. I'm Jarrett of Stone Soup Farm and that's how to grow peppers.