Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jarrett, of Stone Soup Farm,and this is how to grow zinnias. Zinnias are one of the most common cut flowers, because they grow with very long stems, they're very pretty colors,and they last for quite a long time, after harvest. The first step to grow zinnias, is prepare a nice soil bed, like this, nice and fluffy, plenty of compost or manure, and do this in the spring, after the frost, because zinnias are not frost hardy, and any plants that have come up out of the ground, will die in a frost completely, and you'll have to start over. A common garden seeder, like this one, is really good for planting zinnias. You can take a seed packet, that you've bought at a store. One of the most popular varieties, is the Benary's Giant Mix, because it has some of the most bold colors, and a lot of different colors, and they are very good plants. You can pour the seed in the hopper, and this thing will plant the seeds, within the row, at about the right spacing, very quickly and easily. It's best to plant zinnias at about twelve to eighteen inch spacing, so you can do other rows, right next to it, like that. Make sure after you've done this, that you water them in thoroughly, and keep them well watered, throughout the whole season. Zinnias are best, if you continually cut the flowers, after they've come up, and continue to prune those off. The plant will try to make more, after it loses its flowers. If you don't cut those flowers, it will tend to go through its whole life cycle, and sort of die off, and stop production, so it's best to keep cutting. I'm Jarrett, from Stone Soup Farm, and that's how you grow zinnias.