Video transcription

Hi I'm Jarrett Man of Stone Soup Farm and this is what items you can put in a compost pile. You can put almost any plant or animal material in a compost pile. You can see here we have a compost pile going with vegetables and fruits and scraps of plants like flowers and corn husks and grass. There is also papery items, those are fine to put in the compost pile and in a kitchen setting something like napkins or paper towels are totally fine. A common misconception is that you can't put in meat or dairy into a compost pile. You can do that if you have an open compost pile like this if you do those things you run a greater risk of having wildlife enter into your compost pile and try to take its own piece of the pie but if you have a closed system like a compost tumbler or a bin then those things are pretty o'kay to have in your system. There is a couple other products that would be fine to put in a compost pile but would not decompose as readily such as corn cobs or bones or wood of any kind and those things aren't going to influence the way that the compost pile works at all but they will likely be there when you are done or at least partially be there when you are done. If you are planning on leaving your compost pile for several years then those things will probably be gone by then and if you are hoping to have a compost pile that would turn over kitchen wastes relatively quickly so that you can have good healthy compost to put in your garden then you probably just want to keep those separate. I'm Jarrett Man of Stone Soup Farm and that's what you can put in a compost pile.