Video transcription

O.k., I think this'll work great. Hi, you're just in time for a new tip. My name is Sylvia Russell and this is how to put in hair extensions. Now, there are several ways to put in hair extensions. There are some you can do yourself at home, but there are some that you need a professional advice or maybe even visit your local salon. So, I have a piece of hair here, so let's get going. This is called an infusion strand. And what I would do is I would naturally make sure that the color matches first. And as you can see, it's a really good blend. What we're doing is we're adding highlights in to her natural hair. As you can see here, she has some natural highlights already. This is all her natural hair. So what we're doing is we're adding some more artificial highlights. Now, normally if you see this little bead here, I would heat this bead and attach it directly to her hair strand, thus creating a beautiful natural highlight. But what I'm going to do is I'm going to use a clip so that you can see how it's done. Now, it's all blended and we would do this all the way across the hair until we created the fullness that we wanted. Once you have your hair there, you would go ahead and pull your hair down like so and no one would ever know that you had a hair extension underneath. Very easy very quick for a professional to do, something I don't recommend you do at home. But if that's the case, get all your tips and tools, ask a professional and do what you can. My name is Sylvia Russell and this is how you can put in hair extensions.