Video transcription

Now we are coming down to finishing our steps and our stringers. We have cut our main stringer here and I showed you how to do that and I cut these out of 2 X 10's. You notice they are not quite as thick in here but we have an outside 2 X 12 to hold it and that is so that when you have your geo which is hollow you lay it down and you don't see the ends of the boards and that's a good thing. On the facia, this is what they call the facia here and it comes in 12 foot long by 12 inches wide. I ripped it down and I formed it to fit the outside of this facia and then we are going to run it up along that facia or the header there too so that finishes this. Now actually to get your boards in here I'm blocking the front of the step and lifting one on top of another so that it boxes it and finishes it in. When you are spending this much money on this stuff it just pays to make it look as good as it can.