Video transcription

Hello, my name is Eric White, and today, we're going to talk about how to make postcards from home. First step is to open up Microsoft Word. Click on the Office button, click on New. Then up in the search bar, type postcards. Now, provided you're connected to the Internet, Microsoft Office is going to go to their website. It's going to bring up their template for postcards. So you can pick whichever one works best with you. I like to pick the templates that have Avery design or Avery stock numbers with them. What that means is you can buy the postcards from Avery stock, and then print directly to the postcard stock. It's very nice. So we're going to go ahead and choose this special offer postcard. Double-click it, and it's going to download the template and set up your...set up your new document. Okay. So your document is now installed. Now, what you can do is, like, if you see, I can click on that and I can change the graphic. I can edit the text. I can do anything I want to make my new postcard. This particular stock comes in four postcards per page, so the stock that you have will hold four postcards. Bear that in mind when you're...when you're buying the stock. You know how many postcards you can get per page.