Video transcription

Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert here to show you how to hookup a DVD player or a VHS player to your television. This is the back of our DVD player and VHS player. It happens to be a 2 in 1 but if you've got either or, they hookup the exact same. Let's go take a look. Alright, in the back here we have some decisions to make alright? We want to hookup, we want to take the output here to go into the television. So now we have to decide which of the inputs we want to use OK? We have either the component video which is the RGB, your best for HD that this unit has. Super video or your regular composite which means it's going to have the video on one little RCA line. Well the best one here is to use the component breaking it down to its base red, blue and green. So I'm going to take my component cables and its literally a game of matching the colors OK? So we're going to start down here at the bottom with red to red then you guessed it, blue to blue and finishing up our little game of Simon Says green to green. Now we've got the component locked out of here. It will be the same on your DVD player or your VHS player if it has these outputs. If not, we will simply play the color matching game over here with the video. Line out we will use the red, the white for audio and the yellow for video. But in this case we don't need that but we do want our audio source to come out so we're going to take our audio out here and not use the video. White for left channel, red for right channel and then we can take this either to the TV up in here if we want to have the sound come out of there, or to our home theater system if we want theater style sound. Now up here you can see that I've already hooked up the other side of the connectors and did in just the same way. The red, the blue and the green and now we need our audio in so its going to be toward the back and we just need the red and the white, the red and the white and now we've got it hooked up. The game is the same whether it be a VHS or a DVD player. Just hook them up, follow the color codes, decide the best one for you. I'm ROKOSZ, your digital lifestyle expert saying stream you later.