Video transcription

Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert here with some advice on how to pick the right TV for you. Hey, we know that there are a lot, I mean just pick up the Sunday flier, there are a lot of different choices when it comes to television but it's all about finding the correct one for you. First thing, unfortunately you have to ask yourself is how much jack do I have? How much money do I want to spend on my new monitor? And you can decide that by how often you use the TV and what you use it for. We spend a lot of money on our cars to get to and from work but a lot of times you're only in them an hour a day. I spend more than a few hours in a day in front of my television monitor whether it be surfing the Internet in wide screen or playing a video game or two or watching the news or watching movies. Alright I've worn a little space inside my couch, so what? But finding the right one for you too is also finding out how much space you have. So you've got your dollar amount and you've got your space if you've got a wall that's 42 inches, you may not want a 42 inch TV, something in the 17, the 19, the 22 or 23 inch might be right for you. Go to the store, stand in front of them. It's a tough decision to make it online. You want to go kick the tires so to speak but please don't kick the televisions. The other thing you want to decide is what your TV is made of and by that I mean you want to decide whether it's going to be LCD like this one, Liquid Crystal Display, DLP or Digital Light Projection, plasma, forth state of matter or rear projection. All of them have advantages and disadvantages and a lot of them are related to money so RE how much cash you have and what size do you want. If you answer those two questions it will really push it in there. My advice, get HDTV, not HD compatible, not HD ready, but get an HDTV and make sure its 9 by 16 orientation not 4 by 3 so its long like a movie screen. You follow those steps, stand in front of the TV, walk in different angles around it. Some TVs are better at straight on and once you move to the left or right they get distorted. You'll find a beautiful picture. Hope this is helpful for I'm ROKOSZ, your digital lifestyle expert saying stream you next time.