Video transcription

Gee, there has got to be a better to do this. Oh hi, today we're going to show you how to connect your video camera to your lap top. Aren't you just using a VCR? How do I connect my video camera to my lap top? Well, it's quite complicated actually. You're going to have an internal capture device or an I Triple E Fire wire interface. Now look, it's not quite that easy. But it's not quite that complicated either. Now folks it's all a matter of the cables. If you've got the right cable you can connect almost anything to your lap top. This will also depend upon the type of connections or ports that your lap top has. The most common types of connections to be found on cameras are going to be S Video, to Composite Video, Mini DV to Mini DV, Mini DV to Fire Wire, Fire Wire to Fire Wire, S Video to S Video, Mini DV to Fire Wire, Composite Video to Composite Video, S Video to Composite Video, or USB to USB, and USB two to USB. It's impossible to tell you exactly how to connect your video camera to your lap top without first checking for the kind of video out ports that are on your camera and the kind of video input that's available on your lap top. There are small boxes available that allow you to capture video directly in to your lap top. Those will cost about a hundred dollars. The cables can range anywhere from five dollars to a hundred dollars. So make sure you check your lap top first. Make sure you check your camera. Talk to the guys at the computer store. Look on line. But as always, read the flippin manual.