Video transcription

Breastfeeding is a great way to build antibodies in your child's immune system. I'm Lauren Roy for Sugar Hollow Farm in Phillipston, Mass. Breastfeeding had come out of fashion and now has come back in, it is a great way like I said to build up the antibodies in your child's immune system, but sometimes it's hard having your milk come in. Some things that you could do is use an oil made with fennel or anise and that seems to help some women bring in their milk. Another thing that you can do is make sure that the child is latching on properly and that you're nursing at least twenty minutes on each side. If you're having trouble you can look on the computer for your local La Leche league. They're a great group of women that you can also probably find through your obstetrician that will help you and support you while you're trying to get into the breastfeeding mode, which can sometimes be very daunting. They're great at helping you learn to latch on and different support groups to help bring in your milk and they'll sit with you so you can become comfortable breastfeeding your child. Another thing to remember is that it's really important to relax while you're breastfeeding because that can impede your milk coming in, and you will have more success if you sit back, relax with your baby and enjoy the moment. This is Lauren Roy for Sugar Hollow Farm in Phillipston, Mass.