Video transcription

Hi, I'm James Dix from Reptile Rescue Service, Salt Lake City, Utah. We got have some aquatic turtles here and we're going to go over what aquatic turtles like to eat. Most aquatic turtles like eating plants, water plants that grow in the wild and the streams and ponds, algae, they also eat a lot of insects, that's a big part of their diet. They also eat fish and minnows and they'll eat mice and baby birds if they fall in the water, leeches, so they cover a lot of stuff that they enjoy eating. So, about anything that goes in the water that they can tear apart or get in their mouth they will eat. In captivity, most people feed them goldfish and minnows, fish are okay but you do need to give them a variety of diet. They do need some shredded up zucchini, squash and carrots or they need some wild plants, like this here, these are pond plants. As you can see they're eating them, breaking pieces off in the water, very important that they have this. Insects are very important too in their diet so give them a good mixture of insects, pond plants, you can give them some dog food too, here and there, goldfish or minnows, anything like that. They'll eat snails and slugs, earthworms, you can buy regular night crawlers and throw them in too, that's like a little treat for them.