Video transcription

So, you want to become an auctioneer, and you're not quite sure what to do. I'm Blake Kennedy with Kennedy Brother's Auction Services. Auctioneering is one of the oldest professions, and it can be very rewarding. But, you want to make sure you contact your state government and find out what type of licensing you need to be an auctioneer. It's not just you wake up one morning, and say, hey, I can talk fast or I can count fast. I want to be an auctioneer. You have to be state licensed in the state, each state is different. Here in Florida, you have to go to a auctioneering school. And you walk in there, and they hand you a piece of paper, and it might say twenty five what a bid, thirty, thirty-five, and you start off with the chant. But then, you have to go through the schooling, whether it's a, a ten day schooling, or two months schooling. They even have colleges now, where you can become an auctioneer at a college. So, find out from your state, what it takes to become an auctioneer, in your particular state. Once you pass the class, then you probably take the state exam and become an auctioneer. It is a licensed profession. You have to know the laws when you're an auctioneer. It's not just counting off numbers, and, and thinking that's all I have to do. Because there are things you need to know, the paperwork. But it's a very rewarding career. You gotta make sure that you get in, whether you want to go work for an auction company, or start your own. Do your research before you become it, because it's, it's hard to get into it, and get people to come to your auctions, before you're a successful auctioneer. But, I suggest going to work for an "aucti", an auction house to make sure that it's a career that you like. Good luck with that. Auctioneering is a lot of fun. I'm Blake Kennedy.