Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jenna Dunn at Walkers' Eternity Bridal and Prom. Today, I'd like to help you learn how to make a veil. First, I'd like to go through the...some of the different styles and lengths of veils. This first veil has a simple ribbon edge. This is one of our more inexpensive veils, priced at around 70 to 80 dollars. This length is a fingertip length, so when it is on your head, it reaches just about down to your fingertips. When a veil comes a little bit shorter, when it reaches your elbows, that's called an elbow-length veil. Our next veil is a double layer veil. It has two tiers, which add a little bit of fullness, which is nice for a slimmer fit dress. This veil has some crystals embedded within the tulle. This veil is priced at about 110 dollars. Our final veil is a floor-length veil, which is really good for sheath or empire dresses which add a little bit of extra volume to the dress because it is so slim-fit. This veil has a simple beaded edge, and it goes to the floor length. If you'd like to make a veil, the simplest way is to purchase a plastic comb from any fabric store. You can also purchase the tool from a fabric store. What you will do is you'll be cutting, usually depending upon the length that you would like, about a circle in the veil with more of a little bit of a square top. You will then gather the veil together and sew it in within the comb. After the veil is sewn to the comb, you can then add any type of edging or ribbon or beading to the veil. Keep in mind that making a veil can be a very time-consuming project, especially if you aren't experienced. It's most easiest that you buy a veil from a store, or you can even go to a crafts store where they often have inexpensive veils that aren't as beaded or aren't as detailed.